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Thread: The Danger of walking your dog.

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    Just the other day a child - who lived with a puppy - ran squealing from Frosty as if he was scared. And she ignored him. When he noticed he wasn't being pursued and he stopped, I told him, and his mum, that running was the worst thing he could do if he was scared of a dog - because that's just what gets a normal dog to chase. But my brother and I completely failed to get his kids to understand that too. And they also lived with a dog.

    I find the best thing to do when a dog grabs me - is to push. If you try to pull away the dog tends to try harder to hang on and you get shredded, but if you push, they try to spit you out and it doesn't hurt as much. My council (and our police) are pretty good on dog bites - especially if there is blood drawn on a human. They're better if you can identify the dog or owner in some way (dog tag, car rego, phone number) etc. And I've found if I scold the human enough for letting their dog attack, they don't come back to the park. It doesn't happen very often at my regular park. And I've not yet seen a dog killed by another dog (touch wood) I hope I never do.

    Councils and police can't afford to be complacent about dog attacks. And neither can dog owners.

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    About a week after the attack I got a phone call from the council and got the mirror response " were looking into it" and have heard nothing since so I won't hold my breath will I.

    Also sent a letter to three newspapers and one to a councilor and of cause have heard nothing again, why do I bother as council has more important things to do like... over seas trips... long lunches etc etc etc.
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    My large passive dog has been attacked twice by look alike pitt bulls. I now drive to the "better" side of town where people keep their dogs in their yards to walk him in peace. It is a fear of mine. My other two dogs are small and I can pick them up to save them. The dogs weren't after me, just the dog. It's annoying that I ask locals walking their dogs if they've ever had any trouble and they say no, never. An elderly man walks a cattle dog and a very large dog every morning without a lead and he said he's never had a problem either. His dogs are very friendly.

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    I dont usually have issues like this when out and about with my guys.

    But the odd time I have had a dog approaching with aggression, if I cant scare the other dog off with a bit of yelling, I drop Barney's lead. No point me hindering his ability to defend himself by holding on to a rope attached to his neck stopping full range of motion. Plus I know I can stop him from "fighting" with a quick "ENOUGH" so then I can concentrate on stopping the other dog.

    With Pippi, I do the absolutely wrong thing and pick her up. Shes completely DA and shes tiny so I am not going to let her start something that would result in her being mortally wounded in about half a second.

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    Wonderful moment of truth caught on camera!

    We have mrs uptight, has 3 border collies all gorgeous i might add. But the leader of this off leash pack, the liver collie, ran at sherlock pup in the paddock where i was exercising mine off leash.
    sherlock pup, bolted for our gate, liver collie chased him through our gate, onto our property and bit him on back of leg. Pohm is walking around in circles, head and body hunched over all submissive. Bernie running full pelt at liver collie in the garden biting sherlock pup. And fronts up to liver collie, barking lots, no contact type of fight. The liver collie scooted off our property and back to owner fast.

    Mrs uptight is shaken, shouting at me about my out of control dogs.
    My son filmed the entire thing from my deck. As wanted to see how i prevent sherlock pup from running off from his body signals he send out that he's about to leg it, and my timely commands to prevent this.

    Sunday yesterday at dusk, mrs uptight and 3 off leash border collies. I go up to her without my dogs, and ask her, would she care to see a video of her dog entering our property, and biting our pup? she said yes.

    She was very very apologetic. Could not believe this "dog attack" by her liver prince. And also got to see, my shepherd stood his ground and gobbed off, guarding pup, but at no point did he attack her precious babies! As she accused.

    The bite of sherlock pup, was not bad, it was the collie 'nip' and i dont have an issue with this. It was her bad manners and holier than though attitude i thought sucked.
    and that liver collie will think twice before he tries to round up sherlock pup again.

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