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Thread: So hard to say Goodbye :( How to make the decision to put your dog down.

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    awww i'm so sorry to hear this shonnie.. I hate thinking about when my pets gets old.. Mine are only about 4 and 1. So i have a ways to go with my lot.. There is no easy way to do but as others have said here you need to think about his pain.
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone. Today was the day that Chester left us. I visited him on Saturday, and on Tuesday he had his best day in a long time. He was running around, just like the old Chester we knew. Tuesday night was a different story. He was in so much pain, could barely move, and dad and his girlfriend knew the time had come.

    As mentioned by someone earlier, we found out we could bring the vet to our house, and that was the nicest thing. He was lying on his favourite bed, with us all around him.. I just spoke to him gently as he passed away. Poor little guy struggled and cried a bit as the drugs kicked in, he got so scared, but I tried to soothe him with my voice.

    We all patted him and told him we loved him as he slid away. I didn't think I would have been strong enough to watch it, but it just seemed right. We held eye contact the whole time as he left us.. and it seemed kind of beautiful.. I picked him out 13 years ago, the little runt of the litter, and now 13 years later I held his eye as he left us.

    I thought I was doing okay, but now I keep replaying the death over in my mind and seeing him struggle a little. I know we made the right choice, he was in so much pain and it was no life for a dog. But I'm sad that his last few moments were fearful. Seeing his eyes go dull, and eventually his body relax. It's just so sad. He didn't even look like the old Chester we knew - the pain had taken over.

    Doesn't make it any easier though. We buried him in the back yard, and I just wanted to sit and cuddle with him forever. Once that light leaves their eyes though, they aren't really there anymore.

    I played a nice song as we buried him. Now I just feel sick to my stomach. I can't get the picture of him passing away out of my head. I'm guessing with time it will pass, I'll try to recall the beautiful memories we had together. I don't regret staying with him though - he needed us there - and having the vet come to the house was much nicer than taking him in to a sterile, unknown environment.

    My little Chesterpoo, I miss him so much already.


    That's Chester and I about half an hour before he passed away. He looks happy but he wasn't. His eyes were kind of crazed and he kept panting. I think the tumour had gotten so big that it was pressing on his lungs. Poor little man. He's in a better place now, but ouch, my heart is broken.

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    God that made me cry just reading Shonnie, can't imagine how you must be feeling. It is great you could be there for him in his final moments though! My thoughts are with you.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    R.I.P Little Chester.

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    It hurts; some 6 months on and I still have the occasional tear when thinking about Jack(like about now), but I also smile alot when thinking about some of his antics and the great times we shared. I'm really glad you were able to find a vet that could come to your home, i'll never ever do it any other way. I'm also really glad you found the strength to be there with him when he passed, as much as it hurts i'm sure down the track you'll be glad you were there. RIP Chester.

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    Rest in peace little man. So sorry for you loss Shonnie x

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    Hugs to you. Im sitting in my classroom reading chester's story with tears running down my face and the kids looking at me like i'm a freak. Im so glad you were able to be with chester at the end, he wouldve taken comfort knowing you were there with him. The pain never goes it just gets easier to handle.
    My cat was 22 when I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made. I still miss her and it has been nearly 12 months.
    RIP chester you will be missed

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    hugs n healing

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