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Thread: Weirdest Retrieve Article

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    What has your dog retrieved that was really weird.

    One of my dogs was taught to retrieve by my young son. He would tie a juicey bone to a fishing rig, cast the bone out and when the dog latched on, reel him back in. Until we, one day, went fishing on the boat with the dog.

    As my son cast his lure, yes, you guessed, dog followed. Fortunately it was a deep diver so the dog did not see or catch the lure as it zoomed back under him. He looked and looked and eventually came back with a mouthfull of river weeds.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    A chicken. A whole live chicken.
    A wine glass
    i could go on forever, but if it has my smell on it, he'll retrieve it.

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    My dead pet Barramundi that i sadly buried in the back garden when he passed away about 4 days earlier. Theres my Ridgeback 'Scooby' starring at me....tail wagging with 40 cm of dead rancid fish in his gob. I'll never forget it.

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    A kong safestix just kidding!

    Molly has bought one of my bras out to the living room while we've had guests..

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    One of my sisters was very well endowed when she was younger ( 3 children shrank She lived in a country town in a house on stilts. The BC they owned had a bad puppy habit of nicking the washing and rushing under the house with bits and pieces. Her husband would crawl under the house to retrieve it.
    About 10 years later ( they moved soon after the washing incidents) she was at a party in the area.
    A man in the circle they were standing in discovered they used to live in his house and was relating an anecdote of how he had to go under the house for something and found the most ENORMOUS BRA ...HAHAHAH
    Slowly his laughter faded and he looked at my sister and went bright red as he realised just whose bra it probably was.
    She thought it was hilarious, poor man.

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    My dear Labrador (since deceased) used to insist on carrying the washing basket in from the clothesline, visitors bags or suitcases from their cars and the blockbuster from the wood heap. She could fetch our slippers by name! I really miss her

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    I had (accidentally) taught Frosty to fetch ba seb alls out of our local park hedge. If the ba seb all club had been not so nasty, I might have encouraged that more. I guess I now have about 20 baseballs that I will either ship off to some under funded school or put in the bin. It's hard to return stuff to people who are trying to kill you with more balls.

    I guess there's not a lot weird about what she retrieves - sneakers, croc shoes, ugg boots (after munching on them for a while), toys, old socks (often pre munched too). Other dogs' toys are a fave with her. I used to be able to send her out into the water to fetch balls that other dogs would not, but now she takes her own ball and carries that out to sea and leaves it there for me to fetch. ARGH.

    When I ask her to retrieve stuff - she now just tosses the object around for a while - hasn't quite figured out she needs to give it to me.

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    PianoMan had a male student over and after the lesson we were all in the living room chatting about dog stuff.
    Luke disappeared abd a couple of minutes later returned to offer our student...wait for it...

    A CONDOM!!

    We have a babygate on our bedroom now.

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    Our lab - mentioned above - also uses to hunt for rabbits and hares around our property. The rabbits she'd bring back alive, albeit covered in slobber. The baby hares (leverits) she would try to bring back, but they would 'somehow' slip into the back of her mouth and down her throat before she reached us

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    Weirdest retrieve article - People !

    I used to live a rental with others years and years ago in a house that looked like one storey from the front – but was actually two at the back – on stilts.

    This was my first GSP boy at the time – and he decided all on his own , that he was the meeter and greeter for the house !

    He used to let people in the front gate – give a woof – which we inside interpreted as friend or not – then very correctly went on their left hand side and took their hand in his mouth - then he bought the person into the house !

    Now, depending on whether he liked this person or not – affected which way he went - the short way or the long way !

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