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    Default Crufts 2013

    I couldn't find a thread that fits, so I had to post a new one sorry.

    I was wondering what you all thought of some of the dogs at Crufts.

    This was the dog that won Best Of Breed for Siberian Huskies.

    IMO, his stifle is too straight and he is possibly lacking in bone, though he may just be young.
    I do though like the length in his legs and he also has a nice neck.

    This Labrador's weight seems to be a talking point, any opinions from someone more familiar with the breed?
    Crufts 2013 Labrador Best of Breed - Loch Mor Romeo - YouTube

    As well as the topline for Best Of Breed in German Shepherds. I have no idea, though he doesn't appear to be too wobbly on his feet to me.
    I saw pedigree dogs exposed but it doesn't appear to be hindering this dog.
    Again, can anyone lend their expertise?

    Crufts German Shepherd Best of Breed 2012 - Ch Elmo vom Hühnegrab - YouTube

    All gorgeous dogs though as usual

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    Default shows just so arnt my thing....but each to thier own. The Lab did look a teeny bit overweight to me but hey...what Labs dont look 'thick' these days. Maybe its like human models these days when they say the real women arnt the stick insect thin ones....which i agree

    Some good looking dogs there for sure.

    So i had to look up the B.M's and was a bit confused. How old does a dog have to be before its not a 'pup' anymore by Crufts rules ??. Does it change from breed to breed ?

    Its just that these guys look a bit big...i know they dont really stop growing till about 2 but are these guys still 'pups'. Apparently this dog is best 'pup' in breed.

    Whatever they are they sure are AWESOME !!!

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    I tried looking up the age for the puppy class though I couldn't find anything sorry.

    Those Bull mastiff's are stunning.

    I too was uninterested in dog shows until it was explained in a different perspective
    If I think of it more so as judging the dogs compatibility for its purpose and if I have some knowledge of the breed standard then it actually becomes quite interesting to compare them.
    I only have a fair understanding of the Husky breed standard, though i'd love to expand on that.

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    From a GSD loving p.o.v. Im into working lines only.
    From a stockman coat fanatic. marvelous to see some HAIR!

    Nice 'light' face, compared to the favoured darker mask, i like the lighter face on a shepherd. More expressions that way.
    gorgeous Bernie is much better than that best in show, much much better LOL

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    Labrador did look a bit, um, solid to me but without seeing the dog in person it's hard to know. I see what you mean about the Siberian Husky - it looks a bit rigid for a dog that's meant to be running all day...
    I'm very much a traditional GSD fan and to make myself feel better about the direction the showline GSD's have taken, I just tell myself they've made a new breed for new purposes and hopefully the dogs and owners are happy with that.
    The Bullmastiffs though look really good - at least to my untrained eye. Demonstrated a bit of the personality spunk I'd expect from the breed as well which was nice.

    Dobermann looks quite nice though - Group Judging (Working) and Presentation - Crufts 2013 - YouTube at about 6:55 in that video.

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    Get aload of the Bullmastiff in the video frame before its played...the thumbnail i'd call it.

    The dog looking away from the ring.....the chunky dude with the biggest shoulder i've ever seen on a dog. Top of the screen just to the right of the middle. WOW.....

    Thats some serious muscle right there...imagine the power behind that dog.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    As far as age of dogs in the different classes of conformation (shows) competitions in Australia – I would expect this breakdown to be similar to every week shows in the UK:

    Australian National Kennel Council - open link and click on Show – no 5 – it will give you more information – but below is just a summary:

    1.1 Classes for Exhibit at a Show
    No Classes, for which points may be earned towards an ANKC Ltd approved title shall be offered at a show unless those points are to be awarded to all exhibits eligible to receive them under these regulations. (10/11)

    General Classes

    Baby Puppy 1 - For dogs aged three and under six months.
    Minor Puppy 2 - For dogs aged six and under nine months.
    Puppy 3 - For dogs aged six and under twelve months.
    Junior 4 - For dogs aged nine and under eighteen months.
    Intermediate 5 - For dogs aged eighteen and under thirty-six months

    So at Crufts – which is a very different type of show than every week shows – a quote from the link below: ‘A DOG UNDER 8 CALENDAR MONTHS OF AGE ON THE 7th MARCH 2013 IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ENTRY AT THIS SHOW UNLESS IT HAS QUALIFIED FOR ENTRY IN THE KENNEL CLUB STUD BOOK.’

    Qualification for Crufts 2013 | Crufts presented by the Kennel Club

    So – some extra information for the special classes – as below:
    SPECIAL PUPPY — For dogs of eight and not exceeding fourteen calendar months of age on 7th March 2013.

    SPECIAL JUNIOR — For dogs of eight and not exceeding eighteen calendar months of age on 7th March 2013.

    Hope this helps working out the age of pups that was discussed in one of the posts !

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    This GSP below – won Best of Breed, then came third in The Gundog Group Competition and the breeders/owners (Owner: MR A P & MR J G ROSE & GAFFNEY) also came third in the Breeders Competition! Really lovely to see !
    B R E E D & C L A S S R E S U L T S
    German Shorthaired Pointer

    Judge(s): MRS C A COODE
    Really enjoyed watching the judging in the GSP Class ! GSPs as far as the eye could see ! Heaven !

    Loved watching the Gundog Group judging and seeing all the different breeds that make up this particular class.

    Gundog group Crufts-2013 - YouTube

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    Some comments I would like to make regarding the Labrador that won BOB and the Reserve Best in Show. He was a very fit, healthy, true to type and fitted the standard extremely well. He was not fat – he had a barrel chest – as per standard. He ticked all the boxes !

    The number of times he had to ponce around the show ring – there were no wobbly bits, hardly any panting, muscle definition – particularly hind legs was very obvious - and gait – well I really enjoyed watching him ! So I thought that he was an excellent choice on the day ! That is what it is like in the show ring !

    Then when he jumped up on his handler at the end – awesome ! If the poor handler had had a hat on – he would have lost it ! You won’t see many Labs like that in Australia - in the show ring !

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