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Thread: Dog Minder/Carer Brisbane North

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    Question Dog Minder/Carer Brisbane North

    My OH was lucky enough to win a trip So we are off to Vanauatu for seven days in May!

    We will fly out of Brisbane and as their aren't many choices for dog minders/kennels where we are I thought maybe we would take the dogs with us to Brisbane and put them into care there.

    We will stay overnight with my son in Dayboro and so wondered if there are any recommendations in that area? Home stay would be wonderful but a good kennel would do.

    They are two pampered toy poodles but very well behaved!

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    'ranga' - have a look at this thread - - which will lead you to another ........

    If you can't be bothered - PM - Nev Allen - who is a member here - if he can't help you - I am sure he can suggest someone that can.

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    A free holiday in Vanuatu, what bliss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grevillea47 View Post
    A free holiday in Vanuatu, what bliss!
    You betcha grevillea! We haven't had a holiday in years, so really looking forward to it!

    As long as I can get the pooches settled I'll be able to enjoy it

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    Ranga, pm'd you. Give me a call.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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