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    I don't have any problems with car sickness with Misha on short or long trips. Misha is the size of a min poodle and she is one spoiled girl, her car spot is on the back seat sitting on an old doona folded to the size of a large cushion and covered with a towel! She wears a harness attached to a lead thing which clips into the car seat clip. She sits on her throne like a princess and watches the world go by! On long trips she eventually crashes and sleeps.
    I mention this because it might help settle your girl if she can see out the window. Maybe put some luggage on the seat and make a nest for her there?
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    This is how they travel. Elevated and secured by harnesses.

    Not a very good pic sorry

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    Just love the photo 'ranga' - 2 very spoilt and treasured pups ! Music and air-con on ?

    Just to get things straight here - I am not against drugs/things that help pups to be able to handle things - but what I don't like is that people tend to think that these things are easy long lasting cures for problems - just give the pup a pill or something to wear - for the rest of their life - and everything will be just fine !

    The best result you can have with these things is to think of them as temporary !

    Training is very important for these things to actually work properly !

    So 'ranga' - it appears that the only type of road that your pup seems to have a problem with is - as you said is - "the long and windy road"

    Have you taken your pups on that road at other times ? Are there safe places to stop - both up and down ? Why not do a few practise runs - stop when she is showing that she will be sick - out of the car - when settled - start again. Repeat again - again & again !

    Good Luck !

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