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Thread: Perth - Dog Boarding options?

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    Default Perth - Dog Boarding options?

    Hi all,

    I'm going on a one week holiday and am looking at options for somewhere my dog could stay. Not too sold on actual boarding kennels, would much rather prefer something more personal and less caged in so she doesn't feel too left out or alone. This is my first time leaving her for more than one night since I've had her so I want to find the perfect place for her!

    I'm NOR Perth, was hoping someone had recommendations?

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    I am going away in June for 2 weeks and have to leave our very precious pup. Previously we have had house sitters (family) but this little boy 40 kg at 9 months is a bit of a handful and needs training and walking EVERY day. He also needs lots of company. I searched and spoke on the phone to a few kennels but on recommendation of friends chose Camelot Pet Resort in Karnup. The man I spoke to sounded very dog savvy and loving of dogs. We are going out to have a look at the place but I have booked a spot anyway.
    I know you said NOR but with the freeway Karnup is only an hour or so away.

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