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Thread: Introducing dogs to other dogs

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    Default Introducing dogs to other dogs

    So Banjo finally got to meet my friends 6mo Dane pup and it wasn't a success.

    We met on neutral territory and they seemed fine at first, though I could tell Banjo seemed slightly intimidated by the pup's size, which is normal behaviour for her.

    Then she growled at him and he walked away. Next she tried to have a go at him. Nor visciously, but she did definitely try to nip him without being provoked. Which is very unusual behaviour for her. In fact, it was a first. I've seen her tell other dogs of if they're to rough when they're playing. But she normally just walks away from dogs she doesn't trust or like.

    Strangely enough, my friend reported that another friend's dog, who normally likes all dogs, had a go at her pup out of the blue too. The pup is friendly and I didn't notice any weird body language. Could it be simply because of his size that normally sociable dogs dislike and attack him??

    Anywho. I put Banjo on the lead (I know I should have done that from the start) and just praised her for being near him, but she kept snarling at him when he got close.

    We went for a drink without the pup and then walked them both around the backyard on lead before I left. When he came out Banjo displayed playful behaviour, but she quickly went to lifting her lip at him again.

    Do you think I'm on the right track by just walking them together on lead? Is there anything else I can do?

    I felt so bad about this happening. It's so out of character so I have no idea what might have happened if we hadn't interfered. And the pup is so lovely.

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    Sorry can't help but am just waiting for answers too as I'm having exactly the same problem...

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    This is similar to Mojo and Bronx when they first met. I spent 4 hours with them the first day and again the next......always ready to grab a back leg if it got out of hand. (Thanks for that tip Nev, it works a treat)

    I kept Bronx on the lead the whole time because he was the cranky pants of the 2. I just kept them walking up to each other for short 20 seconds max and then moved on but coming back again and again. As they got more used to each other i increased the time together bit by bit before moving on again. In the end i just let Bronx of and they both took off doing zoomies till they both where buggered. That was on day 3 it was a fair few hours of effort but it payed off in the long run. I'm sure theres better ways but this is what worked for me and the goofs. Good luck.

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    Sorry this happened and I have no real advice for you ( I am still on P plates anyway).
    If it were me I would still do the walking but leave a bit more distance in between, just
    far enough away that you can still talk to your friend.
    I would take a cold toasted cheese sandwich or something that Banjo does not usually
    have, and part way thru the walk sit down (Not too close) and have a little "picnic".
    This could be a "nice thing" that happens only when she sees the Dane.
    Just my thoughts.

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    Walks are always good, walking together helps dogs to bond as a pack.

    If other normally sociable dogs are acting negatively toward the pup, is it possible that something is not quite right with it? Maybe the dogs are picking up on something people can't see and the pup is sick or weak in some way.

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