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Thread: What breed is Dori?

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    Question What breed is Dori?

    So here's a picture of Dori. Legally she is registered as a Jack Russell Terrier Cross and we got her from RSPCA. Thing is...they have no idea what she's crossed with and she definitely looks nothing much like a JRT. Everyone that has seen her can't tell what she really is and even the vet is baffled as to what she is! She's currently at 14.2kg (her perfect weight apparently and not growing anymore), has ridiculously long legs with white/greyish paws. Her fur colour is definitely one of a kind and not many people have seen it. It's sort of liver and silvery and has a strong black strip down her back. Also has white circles around her eyes and a big speck of white on her nose as well.

    Would love to get everyone's opinion on what she could possibly be

    Here are a few pictures of her:
    IMG_1734s.jpgphoto (2).JPGDOri.jpg

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    i'm not the best at guessing X breeds... but my guess is JRT X Kelpie maybe with a splash of Australian cattle dog or staffy in there

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    I agree with Maddogdodge, there looks like there is a bit of Kelpie and Staffy in there. She is a beautiful girl and I just love her unique coat

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    Thanks! Interesting...when we got her, we saw her brother as well (her entire litter was surrendered ) and he was mainly white with grey spots...resembled a blue heeler/whippet! It seems like she might be made up of at least 4 or 5 breeds..haha

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    Definitely looks like a particular breed favourite that you see around - so - could be a "Cute Snuggle-bum' or another popular breed - 'Heinz 57' !
    Whatever she is - she is very cute !

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    She's very cute! Her eyes look like she has Stafford in there. And I agree with the others as well - kelpie as well.

    Dogs from the same litter can have different fathers so can look very different!!

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    wait what? dogs from the same litter can have different fathers? I did not know that!

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    Hmm, my Maggie was the only 'border collie' in a litter of short haired kelpies. Apparently a chance connection with the shearers

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    Each egg is inseminated (not sure if that is the right word) with an individual sperm so if a bitch (or a person) mates with more than one male while in season, pups (or babies) can have different fathers. Identical twins (people not dogs) are when one egg that has been inseminated with one sperm splits - same dad and same mum genetics. Non-identical twins is when two eggs are there and both get inseminated by two different sperm. Just for information - marine turtles mate with muliple males just before they lay for the first tiem that breeding season and they store the sperms all mixed up to fertilize all clutches of eggs laid that season. So each clutch of 100 or so eggs (depending on species) will have multiple father turtles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicole0611 View Post
    wait what? dogs from the same litter can have different fathers? I did not know that!
    Yep. Bitches are fertile and can be bred over several days (up to or more than ten days...). So if they are wandering or accessible to different dogs they can be bred over and over... And it's the lucky (fastest/strongest etc) sperm that get through that fertilise the eggs that are available.

    It's handy for breeders now that DNA testing is available as several males can be used for one litter and reduce the number of times a female has pups.

    I would think that most bitches who get pregnant when they are out wandering around have litters to multiple sires.

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