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Thread: Boarding Kennels - how long would you leave your dog?

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    Default Boarding Kennels - how long would you leave your dog?

    I am going away for 6 weeks next month and had no one available to take care of my dogs, so I've booked them into the local boarding kennel. Only thing is, the previous owners have left (whom the dogs had stayed with before) and some new people have come in. The dogs have been in kennels for 2 weeks max since I have had them. Most of the time when they come out they are ok, however one time they came back their anxiety was worse and I basically had to start from scratch with separation anxiety training. My big worry is that the new kennel staff will not look after the dogs properly, and it's for 6 weeks. Somebody I know has offered to take the dogs for much the same price, with a little extra for food and transport. My gut tells me that they would be better off with these people, but I have already made the booking with the kennel - I don't want to stuff things up with them because it is really hard to find kennel accommodation if you need it where I live. Plus my partner is happy to send them to kennels as they have been there before (but not with the new people). I was thinking about ringing the kennels back and talking to them about my concerns, but I'm sure they will just tell me what I want to hear. I have so much else to take care of with my trip and tying up loose ends and this extra stress is getting to me. Do you think it's ok to leave dogs in kennels for that long?

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    I personally would go with the person you know. Canceling a month ahead should not be an issue for the kennel, I would've thought? But if you feel worried about their reaction, maybe make up a sob story to make it seem less obvious that you don't trust your dogs being there for that long?

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    Thanks - I rang the kennels who insisted that they would look after the dogs the same - however they stressed to me that they can't take barking/ anxious dogs. The owner also stressed to me that they had 2 dogs that barked all night and it was "murder". This is only after a short period of time from opening. Knowing that I have one dog that howls/ barks on and off in response to a change in her routine has got me worried. So now in addition I am concerned that if they go there and misbehave for 5 weeks they won't be allowed back. I'll think it over for a couple of days how to approach because I feel like I have already caused enough trouble to these people and I don't want to be barred from sending the dogs there for short stays. This person does seem to have enough experience and would look after the dogs, the real issue would be with them and the dogs being able to cope with each other!

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    Hi 'Megan Tones',

    Really do not understand why you are just phoning this kennel and then reporting back here and have not gone out to this kennel for a ‘meet and greet’ with the new owners ?

    Or – not tried them – with a short stay for your pups in the kennel before you leave for your holiday ?

    ‘Seeing is believing’ and ‘Word of mouth’ are the best advertising tools any business can have !

    So this is where ‘Mr Google’ can also play a part ! Type in the kennel’s name and see what comes up !

    For others that are reading this – type in your own name or user names and see what comes up ! I think that you all will be a tad surprised – internet forgets nothing !

    As far as the other choice you have – if you haven’t used them (?) before – and they are more expensive - then if this was me - even though they are more expensive - are they offering anything better for your dogs - then I would still go with the boarding kennel – at least your dogs have been there before.

    At least with these new people with the boarding kennel, they have bought a business and I would really hope that they would want it to succeed and do the right thing !

    Friends or someone you know is all well and good – but the truth will only come out as to when you actually use them !

    Heaps of good Luck Wishes – and hope that you and your partner and pups have a great holiday !

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    I would never leave my dog at a kennel. If you live in a city or suburb, there should be pet minders who will drive to your house every day and feed, water, and clean up after your pets for you. There are also plenty of people who look after dogs in their homes.

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    I would probably go with the people you know. I think they would be much more comfortable in a home environment than at a high stress kennel. Specially if you already have one dog that does show anxiety with change.

    Follow your gut instinct, if it tells you not to leave them at the kennel or you are second guessing it.. I wouldn't do it.

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    I second the minding idea, but i'm a liytle biased. If the staff hav already said they can't take anxious abd barking dogs at the kennel (is that what you wrote?) then i'd use that as the reason for cancelling and if they try to keep your deposit, state they never told you they wouldn't take the dogs before...

    Go suss out your options. Perhaps if you tell us where you are located, someone here can recommend a place near you?

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    It's all sorted for now - we are going with the home stay and will try the kennels for a shorter vacation (say one week). The staff seemed quite relieved when we had to cancel.

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    Thjere are some good kennels out there...i never thought i'd leave the goofs at one but i found a good one and they ;love thier vacvations as much as i do. Mine go in friday morning for 3 nights 4 days and they are even willing to give Mojo his tablets...not many people are willing to pat him let alone stick thier hands down his throat (he dosnt fall for the hiding it in food trick )....luckily the own and show Great Danes so they are used to working with giant breeds. That was a good thing with me...someone who knows big dogs.

    6 weeks would be to much for me though...i'd have to go for a bit of both , homestay then kennels 50-50. Anyway seem like you have made a good choice. I hope it works out and have a great holiday.

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    MT, I know you have made your decision and it is probably right for you as you do not seem to have a really well managed kennel. A modern, well managed kennel will know how to handle a stressed dog that barks. Stuff like D.A.P. either in collars or in spray/diffuser form works very well.
    Kennel design is now taking into account stress triggers such as dogs being stared at through mesh dividers and solid walls are the new way of building.
    I would suggest you do a call around and see if you have any newer kennels in your part of the country. A good one is worth driving to and will be quiet. When you get there, if you can hear lots of constant barking, get back in your car and try the next one.
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