Banjo, Zelda and Ruby all met a parrot today for the very first time, they've seen birds flying around but never been up close. Banjo's reaction, tail wagging and standing on his hind legs to get a better look in the cage as if to say ''What's this? Can I keep him Mum, please let me keep him.'' Ruby looked at him sniffed him from a distance and then walked away totally uninterested. Zelda walked around the cage trying to get a good look but couldn't see him very well so I picked her up to show her, she stretched her neck out sniffing the air and when she was about a foot away Cozmo decided to fly up on the side of the cage hissing at her, she growled but wanted to get away so I put her down, my brave girl ran a few meters realized she'd left me behind then came back to try and rescue me from the evil bird by whimpering a little and trying to push me back away from Cozmo. She did settle down a bit but didn't like it at all if anyone put their hand near the bird cage.

I don't know much about birds but any ideas on how to get them to not scare the dog?