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    Default On the river

    I recently moved close to a river, where I now go walk the dog most days. And I got the idea to invite some friends to float downstream.

    So we got together with a group with pool lounges and inflatable boats today.

    We took Banjo and our house mates' dog Molly. We were not sure how the dogs would go with all of us in the water. The river is fairly wide and quite deep and it turned out the banks were pretty steep and bushy.

    But they did well. Banjo did swim more than I've ever seen her swim before, but she seemed to enjoy it. Molly is a lab so she was fine of course.

    They also ran up and down the river banks a bit, chased a water dragon into the water and probably 5chased some rabbits.

    The cutest moments were when Molly rested on her dad's legs while he floated in his inflatable ring. She looked so comfy, just hanging there. And I wish someone could have taken a pic of Banjo standing on an invisible rock just under the water so it looked like she was walking on water.

    It ended up taking us 3 hours to get to the end point. It was only when we got home that we realised the dogs had both rolled in something dead. So after all that time in the water, they got washed as well!

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    Sounds like fun Beloz - what a great idea!

    Molly must love having you stay ... bet the dogs crash out tonight!

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