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    Default Serves You Right!!!

    I know a lady who I used to work for (and was the reason I left!), anyway her Rottweiler had pups which she was advertising for $800.
    BYB puppies, not sure if they had papers. Probably not since they didn't mention any.

    Last time I checked the pups were 13 weeks old and they are selling them for $300, when I saw them mention the price reduction I couldn't help but chuckle a little at the fact that they thought they would sell for $800 and the fact that the puppies are past the really cute stage where most people like to get them.

    Another person I know is letting her Chihuahua roam the neighborhood so it can mate with the male a few houses away.

    Interesting to realize both these people are scummy for more then just BYBing, and both hate me with a passion.

    I do hope though for the sake of the Chihuahua that it doesn't get hurt or stolen.

    Sorry, just realized this has turned into a bit of a rant lol.
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    People like these disgust me, but sadly there is an ongoing market out there for puppies

    Anyone who would let a little chihuahua out if it is on heat and at risk of being mated with dogs of all shapes and sizes deserves what I hope karma brings them!

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    Nothing surprises me any more - the thought of making supposedly 'quick easy money' (?) - definitely brings out the worst in people !

    Just another example of how far someone will go - from the papers a few weeks ago !

    Darwin woman accuses neighbour of stealing dog's sperm |

    No thought of the dogs or the resulting pups !

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    God hopefully the Chihuahua doesn't get accidentally mated with a super large dog some people are so stupid unfortunately they are everywhere.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Read the article Riley, sounds like the owner of the male husky doesn't understand breeding, all she is on about is someone making a profit off her dog.
    Why did we have to end up with so many huskies in the world, I almost wish they were only kept for their intended purpose, (but then I wouldn't have Rafeal )

    And that came across my mind too jadielee87 regarding the Chihuahua.

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