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Thread: Please meet Missy : )

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    Hi everyone, please meet my new dog missy, she is from a WA pound, she is 12 years old, had been used to breed from probably, and when we picked her up she had green teeth- most came out at the vets, (only 4 weren't severely infected) and she has several mammary lumps which we will remove when she has had a rest and been fed up a bit more, starved in the pound for 6 days cos couldnt eat the hard biscuits : (

    She is a grand old girl for all that, inquisitive, very loving (suprisingly) and gently and very energetic, oh and her favourite trick is to wake us up at 5.15 on the dot everymorning! We are trying to get her out of that one! : )

    Still, all in all she is an absolute darling, who is now enjoying her luxurious retirement on the best food money can buymissy totally healthy 010.jpgmissy totally healthy 009.jpgmissy totally healthy 031.jpgmissy totally healthy 032.jpgebay big joyful 152.jpg lol : )

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    Hi Bella, Missy is a little cutie, she must have been so happy getting out of the pound, wishing you lots of love and fun together.

    Hopefully she sleeps a bit more once she settles in, and the mornings start to get a bit darker.

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    Good on you for saving Missy, all of us who have a rescue and save a life are guaranteed a place in Heaven and those why dump them will rot in Hell.
    Chloe & Zorro
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