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    Had it suggested that someones dog went mad because he was in a room next door to a bitch in season for 2 weeks.

    Once he went home the dog became aggressive to everything and everyone progressively over two or three weeks until it became so bad he was euthed.

    I suggested that this was unheard of and that the probability of there being a tumour in the brain was more likely.

    What do you think?
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    I think this would happen if you left a dog in a room next to a bitch for 2 weeks and NEVER walked it or gave it attention and it sat there and went mad through over excitement and arousal/ Why did they do that anyway? Were they keeping them apart while the bitch was in season? They do that to heaps of males and it's not a common occurance, as far as I'm aware...

    That IS weird.

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    There's too many variables in this situation - is it likely? Yes I can say it is depending on what happened and how they tried to deal with the aftermath of his behavior.

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