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Thread: Belated wedding notice

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    He has played the field somewhat I will find pics later of past girlfriends.

    She is not a simpering female Sean, wish i had a video cam
    Jin is a BRUISER - built like a tank, some SBT in the hindquarters,
    loves play fighting, being blasted with the hose and doing somersaults.
    A bit of hound, tracks cane toads, a better mouser than the Cat.
    She has some Kelpie also, 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds, a "header" and
    runs around on the tops of the furniture leaping from chair to sofa etc.

    So no chasing games in the house anymore, they get booted outside.
    A few action shots below...

    the mauling.JPGthe ruff stuff.JPGthe berry tree.jpgthe kapow.jpgthe last bit of hose.jpg

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    Am happy they get to play together for the rest of their lives. Lively photos.

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