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    So we moved to a completely different neighbourhood recently. In Queanbeyan, over the state border.

    So the first few mornings, I did what I always do after I move: I went to find the perfect dog walk. So Banjo and I wandered through the neighbourhood. Got lost once. Found a couple of small parks/ovals, but nothing exciting at all and lots of fences and suburban streets. I started severely missing the multitude of public open space we get in Canberra.

    So I studied Google maps some more and took Banjo and her doggy housemate in the car last night to try find a swimming spot at the nearby Queanbeyan river. But I found so much more than that! I found the most awesome walking trail along the river! There's only a few spots where you can easily get down to the river (one at the start of the track, so that's cool), but it is just beautiful. No houses to be seen, no traffic noise and both yesterday evening and this morning I met just one walker. The views over the river are quite stunning in some spots. I saw a couple of roos on the other side of the river, but the dogs didn't spot them, even though Banjo could definitely smell them. The track goes for much longer than we have time for in the morning. I had to turn back before I reached the end.

    It's only 800m from our front door! Though I will probably drive there most of the time because the lab is too strong for me on lead and that gives us more time to walk along the river instead of through suburban streets.

    I also started doing some recall training with the lab who is of course very keen to come for a treat. I haven't called when there is any kind of distraction yet, but will slowly build it up. She is not used to training with treats (her owner tosses her bits of his dinner for nothing, sigh) so she now sniffs my hand every time I talk to her to check if there's a treat and follows me around everywhere.

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    Great to hear you found a walking trail that you love Beloz

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