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    I have a 3 yo Pure Bred Border Collie, who is a wonderful dog, but as with all borders has his little quirks (eg, hates windscreen wipers - as seen on doctor harry, hates bikes etc) We have recently moved to the beach where he has a smaller backyard but is exercised daily off-lead at the beach which he loves. He is great during the day, sleeps alot, hardly makes a sound. However night times are different, he barks (not continuously) at the cats next door which are locked in the shed at night, right next door. This is not an excessive bark, however we don't want to get neighbours on the wrong side. He has a kennel outside which he does sleep in but it is open, so I'm thinking he still feels the need to protect because he is not enclosed in. What I have been doing is allowing him to sleep in the back of the car in the garage, to give him that "den" like feeling. We never here boo from him when he's in there. Obviiously this is not ideal but works for now. I'm thinking that a crate (with cover) would be ideal for him to remain outside but have that secure feeling so he doesn't feel the need to protect (bark). Any thoughts anyone can give me would be great.

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    I am not an expert on BCs but I do know they can have a tendency to bark as you have discovered. Have you considered seeking a professional trainer's advice too?

    I am sure there will be someone on here with some experience in this area.

    Is it feasible to have him sleep in the garage, but not neccessarily in the car?? Perhpas have his kennel in the garage?? Can he still hear the cats in the garage or is it becuase he is in the car in the garage that he pays them no heed?
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    Thanks for your reply,

    I guess my thoughts are that he may hear them but doesn't necessirly need to react because he feels more secure.

    I will try firstly putting the crate outside where he is now, but if no success I will put crate in garage for him to sleep.

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