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    Default Breeding Sharpeis

    i currently have 1 year old female sharpei that in future i want to breed with another sharpei,
    ive heard some conflicting stories that once you breed your sharpei they go vicious and wild and what to attack everyone and everything now im not so sure if this is true or not but would like to know because as i said i want to breed with her once i find someone willing enough to stud there dog over my bitch.

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    The best idea would be to join a Sharpei club in your state and talk to other breeders.

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    You need to join your breed club, and also do a lot of research. Shar Pei's have several genetic conditions that can be painful and you need to know about the pedigrees of both dogs to avoid them.

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    A friend of mine has an abundance of knowledge on Shar Peis and runs Shar Pei Rescue in NSW. Genetically, as Occy said, they have a lot of serious issues within the breed and only the most sound dogs should be bred from.

    Aggression can also be a bigissue and many Shar Peis are dumped in pound and euthanased because of this (hence the need for Shapr Pei rescue in the first place). They also have a lot of eye issues.

    As others have suggested, join your breed club, and speak to those with experience with this breed. I assume your bitch is a registered pedigree? If not, I would forget the plans to breed and have her desexed. The health and happiness of your bitch is more important that producing puppies as I am sure you will agree.
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