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    We're back from 10 days camping at the Far South Coast.

    Our car broke down on the way there. I'll spare you the details but it was very expensive. And lots of fun waiting on the hard shoulder for the tow truck on a hot afternoon.

    But we were very lucky that our friend drove down to get us and our essential camping gear because the car took over a week to get repaired.

    We go to this campground at least once a year for a holiday. Last year Banjo was 1 and proved to be the perfect camping dog. She was still very good but different. Took her a while to settle into camping life. She actually started protecting our site. I had never before seen get bark at people. Wasn't too bad though. Also interesting to see how different she is around dogs now. Last year every dog she meet immediately became her best buddy. Now she needs to get to know them before she really plays with them. Our neighbours had a JRT x pup who was allowed to visit, so after a few days they had some great fun together.

    The first nights she spent lots of time chasing after critters in the dark too. We tend to sleep with our tent wide open. By the end of the trip the bandicoots were stealing our food from our annex while Banjo was sleeping a mere foot away! She also ignored the possum right above our tent after a couple of nights. At home she spends hours jumping up at them in the yard. We'll see how we go now we're back.

    Unfortunately she seemed to develop an aversion of swimming in the ocean, even in still water. She was fine at first. Maybe she got a fright. And I did end up dragging her in twice (still water) because she just got too hot when we stayed at the beach for a few hours. So in the end she started backing away when we looked at her if we were near the water.

    When my friend dropped me off at the mechanic on her way back home we tried to leave space on the back seat for Banjo when we packed the care but it just wasn't possible. I didn't have my stake and cable there and I would have felt anxious leaving her tied up. So in the end I got her to sit at my feet in the passenger seat for the hour long drive. She was so good even though she was clearly not enjoying it. Half of the journey she sat facing me with one paw on my knee and panting gently, the other half she curled up on the floor.

    Now we are home. Our new temporary home that we share with 2 humans and 1 gorgeous lab. So poor Banjo has lots of adjusting to do, but I think she'll like it here.

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    Adjusting takes time, patience and care. I adopted a greyhound whippet cross from the RSPCA early last year. Very nervous. She came from a quiet home that she shared with a single person to a home with two adults, three kids and several animals of all shapes and sizes. Once she got used to the noises from the road, us kids and the other animals, she settled in nicely and now loves it here. It's amazing how well dogs can adjust. I think Banjo will do fine.
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    Sounds like an interesting trip Beloz, its a shame she was scared to go into the water! Would have been good to cool off after some of the temps that everyone has been having!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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