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Thread: Interesting experience with the new DOGTV hype

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    Default Interesting experience with the new DOGTV hype

    Hello all,
    My name is Andrew and im from Melbourne.
    It is my first time posting here and yet I feel this is a special thread.
    To be honest, Im really into cars and engines and I spend most of my time working and fixing cars.
    I have a German Shepherd named Roy and I truly deeply love him.

    During the weekdays when im working at the carshop, I usually leave him all alone or with my girlfriend when she has a day off.
    During weekends we usually have a car meeting so i bring Roy with me. Everyone loves him and he is well known in our 'cars' community.

    During the days I dont have a fix for him, i leave him with food and water and come back after 6 hours at around 3pm.
    I know you all know the feeling of guilt when you leave your pup all alone so my feeling is no different.
    3 out of 5 days I leave him alone i come back to find a torn sofa, food all over the floor and one huge mess (getting crazy or just missing me ?)

    I have a close friend who moved to california 5 years ago and he is happily married and has 2 dogs.
    We have our skype call every now and then and three weeks ago he told me that in the US they have a new channel that is special just for dogs called DOGTV.
    I told him that this is great and all but I don't live there so... This is out of my reach. He then told me that they broadcast via streaming services and that i can get it in australia (or anywhere actually) as well. Skeptical at first but curious, I subscribed to their online streaming services, plugged one laptop to the tv and tried it.
    What they do is (not sure that everything i say is correct), they play different types of shows that dogs watch (are they??) and it makes them calm - educate them in a weird manner.
    this is now my fourth week with them and I can safely say that something has changed.
    On the first week, i have not noticed any change in Roy's behaviour.
    On the second week, I actaully sat down with Roy during evening time and watched some with him. I tried to see if he was actually watching TV and it was a funny experiment. sometimes he used to stand up and give the TV a threatning look, sometimes he used to bark at the TV and sometimes he just sat very close to the screen, inspecting the other dogs.
    On the third week (which is last week for me), out of 3 days, 2 of them were perfectly fine! little to no mess! I was (and still am) shocked from this experience. on the 3rd day i came back, the mess was there so i started being skeptical again.
    It is now my fourth week with DOGTV and you know what? I do feel that something has changed. If it works for Roy it works for me.

    Has anyone here tried it or even knows what im talking about?
    Your comments are very important for me, i will be happy to get more confidence with this DOGTV thing, i dont want to spend money on something thats not real (although im using a one month free coupon my friend got me).

    by the way, I am not some sort of a representative or related to the company. they dont even have a channel in australia and i dont really care if they will have one in the future. Roy is my main concern and I will do anything that will keep him happy and safe.

    Please share your thoughts and comments on this.

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    Wow! Andrew that is an interesting experience to say the least!

    Im not sure what to make of it yet but if it is what I think it is then Im going to go out on a limb and probably rant about it later: DOGTV - Welcome to DOGTV The First Television Channel for dogs

    Lets see what others think for now.

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    Hi Andrew & Roy, welcome to the forum!
    This is the first I've heard of DogTV, trust the yanks to think of something like that
    It's hard to comment without seeing it, but it sounds as tho it is keeping Roy mentally occupied.
    Roy making a mess of your home is probably a combination of boredom and his age.
    How old is he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grevillea47 View Post
    Hi Andrew & Roy, welcome to the forum!
    This is the first I've heard of DogTV, trust the yanks to think of something like that
    It's hard to comment without seeing it, but it sounds as tho it is keeping Roy mentally occupied.
    Roy making a mess of your home is probably a combination of boredom and his age.
    How old is he?

    i guess you are right.

    He is 4 years old.
    Not a baby but still

    The great thing about that channel that it is new so they give away 1 month free coupons now.
    I am well aware of the rules so im not going to post anything without the MOD's premission.

    Thank you for your kind replies!

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    Wow that does sound interesting! I'm sure it would be awesome for people with dogs that get up to mischief while they're at work

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    That does sound interesting. Have you tried your a dog at home with a normal 'human' tv channel left on? I found some DOGTV videos on YouTube and played them on my ipad.. My dogs were no more interested than they are with 'The Simpsons' on tv.
    I'm not saying that DOGTV doesn't work but I find it hard to believe that a POV shot of running through a field or two dogs playing (no animal noises, just music) is more appealing/has a better effect than say Animal Planet.

    It would be interesting to find out if it was the content that they're watching or purely just the fact that the tv is on and they don't feel lonely/they feel more 'watched' so don't play up as much

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    We don't have cable but wildlife docos on ABC or SBS are great, Snoopy just loves them.
    He was astounded (turned to look at me with shocked expression) to see eagles swooping
    down and catching rabbits and mice on TV.
    He also loves chimps,apes, bears , or any animals chasing other animals.
    It is hilarious when he jumps up and sniffs all around the TV trying to pick up a scent.

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    I've never heard of DOGTV, might have to have a look at the link.

    Sometimes Ruby stands in front of the tv, if something gets her attention, and it's funny to look over and see her with her nose close to the screen, looking so intently up at the picture.

    chubb - Snoopy sounds funny

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    Never heard of DOGTV either but I do have dogs that watch TV. My GSD boy Rex is still a puppy and a sook at 10 yrs old sometimes watches nature shows, but he likes pulling out grass and digging holes now. My GSD girl Chloe ( 9 mths) sometimes barks when she hears dogs on TV.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    Thats a very interesting concept I wonder if they have different shows for different breeds

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