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Thread: Trying to decide

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    Quote Originally Posted by elle.burns View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't poodles hyperallogenic...

    Poodles Like the schnauzer, the poodle comes in three sizes: Standard, miniature and toy. They do not shed, but they do require a lot of grooming and care. They're easy to train, but can get a little yappy.

    Poodles too prissy for your liking? Try a labradoodle. They have the hypoallergenic coat of a poodle but on a Labrador's body.
    I know they are suppose to be hypoallergenic. But i am being honest when i say my Fiancée can not be in the same room with a poodle because it sets off her asthma. We were at a friends house for one hour, and she got wheezy from being around the poodle.

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    Gday Gregg,

    Sorry i cant help with a decent breeder mate. Just wanted to say i understand about the allergy thing......i was a shocker when i was younger, still am really. But for some reason i never had any issues with my Labrador. I could bury my face right into his neck, even have him sleep on my bed and he never set me off, where as some dogs, usually fluffy things like Huskies or even GSD'S would have me sniffing, sneazing, scratching and eventually on a nebulizer just so i could breath again. Athsma sux....i feel your fiancee's pain's not a nice thing at all.

    A lab gets my vote for the allergy side of things but i guess everyones diffrent. Good luck with your hunt....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg H. Tomlinson-Bell View Post
    Hi, so I've come onto this forum to probe for options, and get a better understanding. My family has previously had 3 dogs, 2 flat coated retrievers, and a golden retriever x English springer spaniel. I've also looked after Labradors that were guide dogs. So...

    We were considering in getting a pup. Now I've read that Flat Coateds are interbred in WA, and I've been looking over the eastern states at flatties, but what about labs, and goldens. Also that's the holy trinity were looking at, labradors, flat coats, and goldens.

    Its preferable that the dog doesn't shed a lot, and grooming is minimal. One of the family members has allergy issues, though has been fine with the previous 3 dogs. We are fairly active, so the dog will get enough exercise. any breeders recommended?

    How about a laberdoodle arnt they good for people with allergies?

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