So I finally got laylahs stitches out yesterday and the all clear from the vet that I can now let her run play and swim...looking forward to a lovely day at the lake with my two girls on my only day off.

Last night at about 12 o'clock I noticed she was pulling her tongue in and out of her mouth so I opened up her mouth to see she's cracked her tooth! Not the front tooth the one next to it...she must have done it plaing rough with Josie. But really? 8 months old and already smashed up a tooth?! I've never had a dog do this before..

So i was up all night stressing and researching what happens next and what the possible treatment would be...also shedding a few tears that my baby will most probably loose her tooth and have to go under general...AGAIN

Went to bed at 3:30am got up at 6am to drive over an hour to one of the best vet clinics I could find.
Just got home now.. Vet said the tooth will most probably need to come out as its snapped into the root but to wait it out a couple of weeks just monitoring (slim possibility of it falling off and fixing itself)...which will allow us to save up for the $600 plus surgery....
or we can get a doggy filling for upwards of $3500 :O

*sigh* looks like she will be a gap toothed bogan... Kind of suits her really