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Thread: Trimming claws on an hysterical dog

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    i'm having this problem with my staffy too :/
    I've had her for about 3 months now, and her claws were terrible when i got her!
    i've been doing one at a time, sneakily, while she is asleep on the couch next to me and they look better, but still need to be done regularly
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    You can get PediPet stuff with mini rings of sand paper. Dogs don't feel any pressure on their claws and it helps prevent cracked nails but an average clipper does the job too. Get you dog used to you touching its paws. You might even teach it to shake (Taught it to Charlie and now I say Shake when we clip his nails). Just get it used to you messing with its feet. This is important for when checking for ticks (found on in between Mollie's toes). When feeling its paws, treat each time you touch them. So he gets a positive association with you touching its paws. Then take out the clippers and move them towards your dog. Treat if he doesn't go crazy when it goes over its claw, but don't press yet ( in case it does go crazy ). Within a few days your dog should be alright with getting its claws clipped. Make sure you treat after each nail. Good Luck!

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    Just a quick note for people saying walking on hard surfaces might keep them worn down. For many dogs with compact, or cat style feet - yes.

    But foot and leg conformation plays a big part in it. Dogs with longer feet or flatter feet won't wear them down walking. Also dogs with soft pasterns (many large rescue dogs can have weak pasterns if they had a poor nutritional start to life), and small crossbreds with turned out feet will have problems wearing claws down.

    Not so much an issue with short coated breeds as most owners tend to notice. But if your dog has scruffy or fluffy feet, don't be complacent thinking you walk on bitumen or concrete each day so nails will be ok. They still need checking and trimming on the vast majority of dogs.

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    Default Thanks for the great advice!

    Thank you all so much for you help & encouragement!!
    I only got two claws trimmed (well past where the quick would be, using anatomical landmarks on his claw) before it was just too much for him.
    Thanks for the website references, RileyJ - I'll have a look (and check the condition of the clippers!)
    And thank you for all the great advice Belinda - and no, I'm not offended by your question at ALL!! (Takes a bit to offend me! Heheh) I understand you needing to know about whether an emotion issue might be impacting, but I'm a nurse, which anyone who's related to a nurse will tell you means that when it comes to health stuff, I'm no soft-touch (and possibly a lil on the harder side!). Your advise was fabulously detailed & told me I've probably gone to quickly for the lil guy - so I'll follow your steps & techniques, and try to go very very slowly.
    An interesting situation has shown itself lately: in what I think is REM sleep, Toby lets me do pretty much anything to his feet (right up to squeezing toes and nails!). I'm trying the 'walk a lot on paving & bitumen to help wear down claws' approach at the moment, but as you mentioned Jadielee87, I'm a lil concerned about his dew claws. So I'm wondering if I can do a sneaky during his deep sleep to clip his dew claws. I'll go veeeery slowly, gently & carefully and see how I go. (I'll keep you posted!)

    Again, thank you all so much for your fast answers and you great advice & encouragement.
    Toby is such a joy in our home - we lost our brave Morgan (corgi) after 2 years of fighting cancer last September. He would have been 13 last week and he left a massive hole in our family. We have been told it will be nearly impossible for us to have children, so he was our boy on so many levels (I know you lovely dog-people know exactly what I'm talking about!) and losing our smiley, brave lil man has been devastating. Lil Tobes has brought light, fun & a lot of silliness back into our home and I'm so grateful to him for that. smiley toby 2.jpgside view front claws.jpg

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    drat, having a lot of trouble posting pics of his other claws...

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    Far out they are long! lol I use to take Bella to the vet to get hers done and let them deal with it. We found if I left the room and didn't make a sound she would happily lay down and get them all clipped but if I was there it was a struggle the same as I had at home. Apparently the vet said she felt like if she was being held down she couldn't protect me properly. Lol The sneaky ones are the easiest, they don't expect a thing! and its over before the realise what has happened.

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    They are long and by the looks it would be difficult to walk to wear those off. They probably wouldn't wear properly until they were a little bit shorter. I figured they must be black nails. They are frustrating. Much easier with pink/white ones

    I think if your boy gets used to you touching him when he is resting it will be easier for you to do sneaky ones when he's sleeping. Plus, if you exercise him and really tire him out (perhaps swimming as this won't affect his walking with the long nails) he will go into a deeper sleep and therefore less likely to wake up when you are trying to do a sneaky clip.

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    Iwas amazed at how quickly my dog's nails grew when I was unable to exercise him for quite awhile because of pain in his legs and bought some great clippers which have a guard on them so only a small piece of nail can be clipped at a time ,they were quite expensive (imo)_ for a tool but very sharp and I had no problems at all seeing as I'd never had to do them before but my dog would probably let you cut his willie off ( what's left of it lol) if he thought he'd get a dogtreat at the end of it,I may never use the clippers again but will keep them handy just in case
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    I reckon vet first time and then manage it. Then you can reassure the dog while he/she is the bad guy.
    I haven't clipped her nails since she started walking in the big world at 16 weeks.

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