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Thread: The question that annoys me most (and answers provided)

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    Back in the day before computers and the Internet the only options were to ring a breed club then go to shows and see the dogs or try to find a book on breeds you think you might like, which wasn't easy. Back then crossbreed dogs were given away free, remember the adds "free to good home" not like today. How things have changed, so I can't understand why people don't have some Idea of what breed might be for them and of cause some breeders don't tell you everything especially health Issues with their breed and even that can be looked up today.
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    Times have moved on. I reckon a good place to start is probably a dog forum, might send someone in the right direction with a short list. From the forums I have been on there is usually a wide enough range of experience to counter misinformation.

    As to rescue I cant count the many times that forum members have suggested this as an option. There are plenty of rescue dog owners on this site, myself included who can discuss the pros and cons and the experiences that we have had and what to watch out for.

    As a dog forum I think it is a fundamental question that is likely to be asked as some stage. I mean there really are some noobies out there and I think pointing out many of the pitfalls that can happen while looking for a dog can be included in the info as well.

    Hya for example often posts lots of links for potential new dog owners to have a read of in these types of threads. The poster can then come back with more questions if they need to.

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    I have no issues with posts like that. It's opened my eyes to some breeds I didn't even know existed!

    I'd never recommend my breed but have no issues recommending breeds I'm not a fan of if I think they will match what the person is after. Not everyone wants a rescue pup, they aren't for everyone.

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