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Thread: Triebball verus Flyball for Westies

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    Default Triebball verus Flyball for Westies

    Hi all

    I am 2 yrs old Westie whom enjoys playing soccer as my favorite past time hobby with good ball co-ordination skills include dribbling, nosing the ball, etc..

    Attach Link - Youtube: " Westie Benji playing soccer"
    Westie Benji Playing Soccer - YouTube

    I am an inquisitive learner however unsure which I am suited for a Westie: Triebball or Flyball with my skills and talents?? I wold like to hear from owners and doggies who have attended Triebball or Flyball training classes??

    Thanks for your assistance

    cheerios Benji

    PS Does anyone know any classes close to Camberwell or Hawthorn area (Melbourne)??

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    I don't like flyball due to the impact stress on the front legs, try some agility first and triebball looks fabulous!

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