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Thread: How Can People Do This....

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    I couldn't read the article...upsets me too much. Will never understand why some are so cruel to their pets. There is always some help available. I'd also go without just to feed my pack.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Jarrah~ View Post
    I will never understand as long as I live cruelty to animals, it is something that makes my blood really boil.

    The sentances for cruelty are sadly lax and tougher laws need to be bought in. I agree jail for this waste of oxygen.

    I cry riveers of tears for all the animals, who are mistreated and harmed, and hope that karma is swift.
    I know... it amazes me that the legal system seems to think of animals as posessions, but even then, you get more time if you steal a car for example. WAKE UP POLLIES... they're living beings!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ally_xx View Post
    That is just so inhumane ... those poor dogs. I know money troubles is hard, but like GoodiesGirl said, I would live off bread and water just to make sure my dog got some food. Hell, I'd even go hungry for my dogs. They just mean so much to me.
    Sadly Ally, I think those of us who would are a minority!

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    It was nice to see the 10 year prohibition order in this case though - that is a big win actually, I think that is the absolute maximum available.

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