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Thread: Anxious Westie Flying Interstate Remedies

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    Hi there

    I am a 2 year old Westie whom is full of character and always on the outlook for new adventures, however on my next birthday: March 2013, I will be flying over to Perth to visit my Mummy's Godmother (whom just turned 102 years old) still enjoy doing crosswords and life to the fullest potentials and catching up with relatives & friends over in WA.

    I have only flown from my place of birth as I was 8 weeks old from Queensland to Melbourne that was pretty scary for me also being the first leaving & Runt of the litter as I was born with 2 others brothers & 2 Sisters.

    However this time round would be totally different, 4hrs & 45mins flight from Melbourne-Perth, I am really anxious and scare here...

    Looking forward to hearing from owners and doggies whom have experience in flying and how to make this journey less stressful for my mummy and myself.

    Thanks for your kind assistance in this matter

    cheerios Benji (Westie)

    PS Please find my photo to be upload later on as my mummy is currently at work, thanks for your patience.

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    Hi Benji.

    I would give you a 1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder (called sodium ascorbate, comes from any good health food shop) twice a day for the week beforehand. This will help boost your immune system so that you can cope better with any stress and it won't get to you so much.

    Then the day before the flight I would give you 1/4 to 1/2 a kids B Complex tablet, as well as 1/4 to 1/2 of a Vitamin B6 tablet. I'd then give this again about 4 hours before the flight.

    I wouldn't let you have a meal in the 8 hours or so before flying, to reduce queasy-ness and the chance of vomiting (which shouldn't happen anyway with the vitamins!). But I would offer you a few little drinks of chamomile tea sweetened with a little honey as well as letting you drink as much water as you wanted.

    The chamomile you could have a few times beforehand to see if you will like it - most dogs do with the honey added.
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    You can also ask you mum to crate train you to get you used to being contained, if you aren't crate trained already, that is. A lot of the time, the stress is also related to being confined. If you crate train him and then use the same crate (or if you can't, use the blanket/bed from the crate), it will help reduce the stress of being confined.

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