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Thread: Any ideas on what breed types my new Mutt is?

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    Default Any ideas on what breed types my new Mutt is?

    Images attached (I hope)
    Dog is a 14week(approx) old male and weights 5.8kg so hes going to be small"ish"
    Any suggestions about what breed types he looks like would be greatly appreciated
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    No idea, but how cute is he!! Very gorgeous pup

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    Just for a guess I say kelpie and staffy mix. Two of the most common dog-types seem around, has slight markings of a staff, biggish head of a staff. last photo looks a bit kelpie, short hair of both. What ever he is he is cute.

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    Whatever he is , he's a cutey

    Maybe as he matures you might get a better idea.
    The black dog with the white toes in the photo , Bully breed ?
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    Thanks for the comments, its my opinion that hes a Kelpie x Staffy mix also, so its good to here it from someone else. I'm not well known for being patent but you cant hurry a growing pup! The dog in the background is a Saffy New Zealand Huntaway cross IMAG0021.jpg image attached

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    Hi 'Huzzzzy' and to the forum !

    Your 2 pups are really cute looking. As far as breed type suggestion - how about - 'Heinz 57 Variety Snuggle-bum' !

    As 'pepe001' suggested - most likely staffy x kelpie, but until the ears work out what they are doing there could also be GSD and Rotti in the background.

    Whatever he is - he is very cute !

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    Yeah that looks like a staff and kelpie or even some other type of terrier, who knows... I know this forum is for pure breeds but I honestly think that health wise muts are the best.

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