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    Default Lost dog app

    It's a great idea but I don't know if it will catch on. I doubt they'd get enough users to make it effective. spydogapp Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

    I know that some here will be outraged but I did have a chuckle at the Ticket Buster.

    It's useless to me anyway until they launch an Android app also.

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    That guy needs to take a load off the old green nuggets if ya know what Im sayin "The world will be a much different place..." lolll!

    To be honest I think it is a good idea and if it helps people reunite with their lost animal then who cares that he's a transcendental meditation nazi right?

    I honestly without sound totally insane of course, think that using another dog to find a lost dog is the best method used in conjunction with all the other methods.

    When I was scrambling for something to do a few years back i rememberd that when my mums dont went walk about and didnt return that Oskar my lab had found him a couple K's away just chilling with a fluffy girlfriend of his. So I read about canine searching with other canines, taught him how to do it real well and we ended up going to look for about 4 dogs and we located 3 of them successfully using his scent of smell, maps and my just knowing what and where the dog would go.

    If people are interested there are some great books on it and I can honestly say that if you are fit and willing to work there is plenty of work out there. All I did was post a free ad on a lost dogs site and I had calls for like a year after which i had to turn down.

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