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Thread: Words from a shelter manager

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    I don't think I can ever gather up the strength to work in a rescue centre. To handle abandoned dogs and puppies that basically have been granted a death warrant the moment they've stepped inside. The owners might as well have shot the dogs in the head. At least the dogs will still be with their owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieandMollie View Post
    If everyone who hasn't got a dog went out and adopted one, there would be no more adoption centers
    But that doesn't stop backyard breeders and puppy mills from producing more and more poor dogs who end up in pounds and shelters, we have to shut down the source which is very hard even the R$PCA doesn't want too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Isn't it about 2 - 5% of unwanted greyhounds in Australia that go through the GAP program?

    Figures are what give the industry it's bad name, they tell the story of excess and wastage in black and white. And they give the impression that most have that it seems to be the exact reverse of your belief Goindeep - that it is an arsehole industry with a smattering of good, genuine and caring people thrown in.
    Those figures may or may not be accurate. I am not sure.

    I dont think anyone is. However I would be more inclined to reject those figures seeing as GAP is affiliated with other adoption programs and rescue agencies. Even if those figures are correct, dont forget about the other agencies, individuals, carers and volunteers as these people have been known to adopt or care for thosuands of dogs per year minus any funding from the industry or GAP.

    Figures I have read are so far are wide and spread it is virtually impossible to know unless you take the scatter gun approach of the brainless do gooders who take a look at the breeding figures and then the racing figures and think that whats left in the middle is dead dogs which is about as stupid as saying that if your not doing exactly 50km on a road you must be doing more... ???

    The FACT is that it is not a sprinkle of good people AS YOU SUGGEST, c'mon mate there is really no need for that.

    The fact is that the greyhound industry is made up of real Australian people. So just as we have lunatics in schools, churches, business and other places, greyhound racing is the same. What you suggest is like saying because there are one or two drug cheats in professional sports than mostly everyone is a drug cheat with only a sprinkle of non drug users. Its really a flawed argument.

    For me it's a sad part of the racing industry but it is also something that I know the industry and everyone involved is working hard on fixing and there are actually many positive signs that it will continue to slow down with the increased awareness, campaigns and some technological advancements in breeding science which will basically give the breeder a better chance at selecting great race dogs and hence forth not have to go through so many dogs to find the good ones in terms of racing which is going to no doubt have an effect on reducing the numbers. This along with other medical and technological advancements that are providing more opportunities at putting dogs back on the track instead of into retirement.

    Those links I have shared are really nothing.

    My advice for anyone that actually believes the greyhound racing industry is some kind of evil empire is for people to go down to their local race track or go down on the off days and watch the breeders and trainers with their dogs. Better yet, go see a breeder for yourself. It will turn your world upside down.

    Below are some videos I have dug up that show real breeders and trainers. These are the 99%

    Dreamfields Greyhound Facility - Oz Greyhound Syndicates - YouTube

    Behind the Scenes with a Greyhound Breeder - YouTube

    Mount Cashel Kennels - YouTube

    Galty Moore Kennels - Greyhound Training - YouTube

    ... not really the evil people producing greyhound meat for the hungry masses we thought they were
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