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Thread: Does your dog scratch when you pat it? Do they like that?

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    Default Does your dog scratch when you pat it? Do they like that?

    So with Sammy if you try really hard, you can sometimes find a spot on his chest that if you scratch it in just the right way, it seems to make him itchy. But with my new pup, well there's very few places you can pat him without him itching. He's a very cuddly dog and seems to want to be rubbed everywhere but I just worry because like everywhere I pat him seems to make him scratch. I don't know whether I should stop or not - like whether it's nice for him or not. If he's on your lap or whatever he never leaves even if you make him itchy but, it just doesn't seem very relaxing...

    Does anyone know, why do dogs scratch when you pat them in some places? And is it uncomfortable for them? He can't seem to stop scratching until I stop patting. If I rub his chest as softly as possible, his leg will move in a scratching motion on the ground without actually scratching himself.

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    My daughter and I call it "the motorbike" because the dog looks like she's kick starting a bike.

    I think it's a reflex, not itchiness. Not sure how it works though. Banjo used to do it whenever we rubbed her tummy, but strangely enough grew out of it. Must have something to do with nerve endings or whatever?

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    Is it like tickling them do you think?

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    Perhaps. I scratch my girl, or massage, rather than pat.

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    My Ridgeback Scooby would do this too. But he also had that thing where if you scratched him near his tail he'd go crazy if you stopped.

    And Mojo does it with his ear...if you rub in his ear he tilts his head and goes all lope sided till he nearly falls over !!

    I think it's the dog enjoying themselves but of course it's hard to say without seeing your dog do it

    Have i missed a thread or somthing ??? Sorry.....I didnt realise you had a new pup !! Whats the go 99 ??, as in breed and name please.

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