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    At GSDL training many years ago I was walking my GSD boy towards another GSD dog both were barking and growling at each other, they were about 10 meters apart and never made contact so instead of checking my boy with both hands on the lead and turning him away stupid me with my right hand on the lead I then placed my left hand under his neck to turn him.

    As soon as I did this he bit my arm and I was really shocked because he was only 12 mths old and had never done this before, he'd been well socialized and had been going to training for a long time. When I asked the Instructor why did he do this, he said that when both dogs are in this situation ( growling and snarling at one another ) he will bite anything in front of his face. This was my fault and I never did this again and he never bit me either. When I say bit my arm, it didn't break the skin and he is now nearly 10 yrs old and a great dog.

    Anyway that's the only thing I was ever worried about with my boy, he also doesn't like other dogs but that's life and once I learnt how to handle him every thing turned out just fine - Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekhbet View Post
    What is your lab mixed with? He needs more socialisation and to know his place in life. As for humping everything no wonder a fight started he has no manners at all and now he's getting too big for his boots. Keep him on lead, no play privilages unless he can reliably be called away back to you and behaves in a gentle manner. It's totally possible in a dog of his age, what did your dog school say about his behavior?

    If a fight starts the safest way is to grab the back legs of both offenders and pull them apart. Nothing else is really worth it and DONT put your hands in between. Trust me it's how law enforcement break up dog fights, and we have pulled a 60kg mastiff and a 50kg rottweiler apart like this.
    That is spot on advice right there.

    I once watched a doco on french police/swat dogs and obviously these fellas where agressive so when they would have a go at eachother the trainers would do exactly that, grab em by the back of the legs.

    Other then that i'd say you need to watch him, no need to take him "out to the farm" just yet, but be careful because the last thing you want is to lose your dog and for someone or something else to get hurt.

    See if you can hire an expert like Nekhbet in your own area maybe.

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    dogs have scuffles, it's normal dog behavior growing up, testing boundaries, exploring... Depending on the breed you can become the target of their temper tantrums and rank issues as well, it's happened to me with some dogs and it's happened to a lot of other people I know. You just deal with it as it comes, dab some iodine on the scratches and move on. It's only if it doesnt stop or keeps escalating, then you start to think OK need some proper professional help to make sure nothing else is going on. But for a 7 month old to pick a fight with another pup, nothing new.

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