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Thread: Dew Claw Removal - why is that allowed but tail docking is not?

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    Frosty didn't have any dew claws at the back when I got her (10 weeks old), but she's got the front ones, and she's very strong with them too. Like thumbs. Sometimes shaking hands with her is like shaking hands with a fishhook hand. They don't get trimmed enough for my liking. Back claws good - front claws a tad big and sharp.

    What's acceptable often has to do with lobby groups (like the RSCPA and PETA) wearing down politicans who think some decision is harmless because there is no lobby group putting an opposing point of view (until too late).

    A bit like how the fluoride is being taken out of QLD water. A group based on FUD has managed to beat about 30 politicians into giving them what they want.

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    are you talking about front, back or both? Because it's usually the rear ones taken off due to the fact theyre usually the worst. Rotties in particular can have some horrific rear claws, mine had them like thumbs but they were only attached by flaps of skin. You had more then 180 degree range of movement with them and could twist them because the little bone in there was not attached. I watched the vet cut them off it was just skin.

    It's allowed because the hippies havnt started moaning about it yet.

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    I was referring to the front ones - I didn't even know that dogs could have rear dew claws (except for the great Pyrenees).

    Nekhbet those dew claws do sound horrible. Both my dogs have their dew claws, but Sammy's (the mixed breed/farm dog) are held much more closely against the leg, are quite strong and independently mobile. I have just looked closely at my pure doberman's and unfortunately, he's not so lucky. His kind of stick out on an angle and are much more 'bendy'. Must be like the tail thing. Some breeds have better dew claws than others but what will happen to those breeds if dew claw removal falls into the same category as tail docking?

    In some ways, I think it's a good thing because it might force dog breeders to focus on improving the dog as a whole, rather than just the features it was initially judged on in the show rings. That said, for the dogs of today, it would be hard to argue (I think) that prohibiting tail docking and potentially dew claw removal is in their best interests.

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    I have yet to own a rottie with back dew claws, i have had 2 shepherds with them. On both, i removed at same time as desex.
    In roughly 1977, our working bordercollie ripped her dew claw. It was a sunday of course, and we had no access to a vet for emergencies as it was snowing a blizzard. the dew claw tear, bled so badly, as there is a excellent blood supply to the back dew claws, that she lost consciousness. I mean a LOT of blood. She nearly then lost her foot, as the blood supply did not come good after hours of surgery to re-attach things. she then had to be re-operated on, by a vein specialist vet, to save her foot. After surgery, the foot was saved, but she was no longer able to work in the extreem cold climate we lived. So had to be retired and her daughter took over the job.
    So, from that year on, as my dogs have to travel over all sorts of terrain in training/working, including climbing (where damage is likely to occur), i have them removed whilst under the aneasthetic for a desex, or as a stand alone procedure.

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