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But I have learnt from this forum that different training methods can work on different dogs and that it's good to keep an open mind. It's still all conditioning. Have a read on the 4 quadrants on operant conditioning, I keep forgetting what they're called.
I tend to agree.

Different training methods for different dogs.

I am not a big fan of golden rules, 2 secret methods, the one thing that all successfull... , you get the point right.

I honestly do not think that there is ever only one way to skin a cat especially with humans and animals.

For instance I have a lab and I had read that training with pain rather than pleasure never works. What a load of s**t.

I caught young Oskar getting stuck into my put plants (i had been waiting to catch him for weeks) and when I did I picked up the closest thing and purposely threw it right next to him so as not to hurt him but to scare the you know what out of him, then I blew steam out of my nose and and ears while screaming like a mad man for a minute and you know what, he never ever chewed or destroyed anything again.

Its simple with dogs and doesnt need to be complex, you do what works. Their brains are not that much different than ours in ways, they have both pleasure and pain receptors and chemicals that make them feel goooooewd and not so gewd. So one great experiences can out do 3 small bad ones and one massive bad one can out do 5 small good ones and vice versa.

I wouldnt stress out too much. Pick a method that you gels with your own personality and then learn the rest as you go, your obviously here on this forum so use it. Im only new here myself but I can see there is a massive depth of knowledge here already.