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Thread: How to prevent seperation anxiety?

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    Default How to prevent seperation anxiety?

    Hi Everyone,

    So I finally grew a backbone (after almost 2yrs of 3am starts, verbal abuse and no pay) and quit my job a few weeks ago and my last day is Wednesday this week.. Yay!!!! I'm going to have a month or so off over Christmas and New Years to have a well-earned break and the OH and I have booked a holiday to NZ in early January, so I will start looking for a job after we return in mid January.

    So my question is, should I be worried about the dogs developing seperation anxiety with me being home a fair bit over the next few months, then us going on a holiday for a fortnight (they will be staying at a friend's house with his 2 dogs) and then me (hopefully) going back to work and not being at home so much after that?

    If so, what can I do to reduce the 'risk' of anxiety forming? When we're home, we usually leave the door open so they can come and go from the house and outside as they wish and when we're not home they get put outside as they chew way too much

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    Their patterns and behaviours have already been established so its unlikely anything will develop.

    However I think one of the best ways to avoid separation anxiety problems is actually when you ARE home. The dogs don't have to be inside with you. They can spend time outside as they would of normally with you going about things inside.

    Or if they are dogs that are kept inside when you go to work, you just ignore them and go about your day or morning.

    I went from full time work to retirement and couldn't sit still, housework etc was done at the same fast rate as it was when I was working and then I went out a lot, took me a while to slow down a bit. Just when I got the hang of it I went pack to part-time casual work. But I still leave my dogs outside of a morning, I go out and feed them, they come into the kitchen while the kids get ready for school and work then I put them out the same as when I was working. They just get let back in earlier.

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