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Thread: The final phase of my fence saga.....

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    Default The final phase of my fence saga.....

    Hi everyone, a few of you would know of my fence saga, fighting my neighbour to replace a fence.

    Well Finally, in September I got my new fence.

    He did however drag it out to the maximum amount of time for each and every step and then when the Lands board had selected a fencer, I had fixed a date and it was all to go ahead he even tried intimidating my contractor and threatening him so that he would pull out and we would have to go through the tender process all over again!! I really was at my wits end and so was the poor lady at the lands board! Anyway we won, the contractor came and, you wont believe it but he even paid the night of the work being completed by direct debit, straight to the contractor! I was amazed!

    So now I no longer have to be worried if Gigha goes near the fence! And we have planted a lovely row of trees the whole way down the fence line so that sometime int he future we will no longer even have to look at him driving into his property! Yay!Shiny new fence that took 18months to get - 10151143244409280.jpg

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    Congratulations !

    What a saga it was and glad that it is now over for you and your family !

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