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Thread: My rescue dog and that fence! :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    But every time you let her start - like

    that would count as a "failure" ie she's doing something you don't want her to do. And you'd have to start your month of no failures count - over again. Ie it will undo or set back your training every time.

    For the moment - I would keep the lead on her going out the back door - so she can't run to the back fence straight away. I'd do the focus on you training drills, and I'd try to get her to toilet on lead on command. And if it is at all possible - I'd keep her inside so she can't undo all that good training - when you're not around to supervise. I would not give her a single opportunity to bolt to the fence - for a whole week - but ideally a month.
    This is the sort of advice I desperately needed to hear. Thanks Hyacinth. I will feel horrible keeping her in the laundry with her toys/bed/water but I'll do it if I have too. I'll train her slowly nearer and nearer towards the fence each day and then away again. I'll make her realise there's no point barking.

    I'm so glad I ran into this forum. You guys have been amazing. Since I'm on my own it's been a rather stressful week. No one to talk too and no one to share the load with. It's such a relief to be able to share the problem with people who understand and can offer sound advice.

    Edit: Just wanted to thank Nekhbet for his/her advice as well

    Edit part 2: Kikopup is bloody brilliant!!
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    Glad you feel better! I've had some really bad cases along the way, some get better, some don't. You're having success in the first week which means there is hope, it will just take a lot of work and keep in the back of your mind that some triggers may set her off again. Behaviors like this are just so strong they're hard to eradicate fully due to their very nature.

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