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Thread: 4 new family members, advice and tips, concerns as well.

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    Default 4 new family members, advice and tips, concerns as well.

    I know I haven't been on this forum for a while but I know you guys offer great advice and I need some right now.

    I got confirmed news from mum that my brother, his two kids and his SBT pup, Leo are moving in in a few weeks. Jay who is two and Laila who is four. I am a tad concerned since I own Serenity who is a bite risk, she is a fearful dog. I know given time she will adjust and learn to love these kids, I just need to get her to that point. She is pretty alright around them at the moment, while muzzled of course! She seeks their attention at times. My biggest concern though is she is more of a bitch when Sunny is around since he hypes her up. So, I plan to put him away when she interacts with the kids. She is alright with my brother. He isn't afraid of her, he's firm with her, she listens and keeps her distance.

    I have already planned out how I'll contain her/manage her here while the kids are living here. It'll be a 50/50 custody so they will be here a lot and of course they'll want to go outside.

    Has anyone here dealt with a bite risk dog, introducing/getting them used to new kids? Does anyone know anyone who has done this? Did the dog ever warm up to the kids?

    Would you allow interaction? Any tips on how to properly let the dog and the kids interact? At the moment I've had her muzzled but I've been treating her while she is around the kids. She generally does behave around them. I've done a lot of work so far and she has how stopped barking at them/trying to nip at their feet/chase them.

    My brother also had a SBT puppy, Leo. He is bringing Leo with him. Sunny loves Leo. Serenity is alright with him. She is now at the stage that she will calmly behave around him/maybe play a small game of chase (rare experience though) She will have a go at him or growl at him if he puts his paw over her shoulder. Which, I of course put a stop to. I try to catch him before he does it.

    She has met him in my brothers yard. In my yard, I haven't let her loose with him, she's been kennelled. She is way to hyped up when Sunny is around and she just wants to chase him. Not sure what she wants to do since I wouldn't allow her to chase him. I'm hoping all three can mingle calmly, I'll just need to get Sunny in to check. Hopefully after a few meetings, they'll be calmer around one another.

    How can I make sure I do a proper introduction between the two? What can I do to hopefully start up a bond with them? I plan to treat her when she's behaving around him, I'lll also stop his bad behaviour around her. Any other input? There's a high chance I'll be the main one caring for him so I'm hoping she learns to like his company so I can take them out together. He'll also be sleeping in my room. She currently sleeps in the crate. Should I crate him as well or am I alright to let him have roam around the room? Sunny will also be loose.

    And I'm open to any advice/tips about having a third dog around. He isn't my dog, he is still my brothers but the fact is, my brother won't do anything with him and I'm the one who will have to deal with him so I'm going to train/exercise him to make my life easier. My brother won't do much with him except pet him. Maybe play with him. The dog currently sits outside in his the yard all day, hardly no attention.

    Would it be safe to child proof the kennel and leave her out there while I'm not home? I'd child proof it so the kids couldn't stick their fingers in. Or, should I put a extra fence around the kennel, maybe crate her inside the kennel? I don't want to crate her in my room because its Summer here and it get HOT in my room because its a shed, it's made out of medal.

    This isn't a forever thing. I don't know how long this will last for though.

    Thank you.

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    I'd also like to add that my two live mainly outside, they DO come inside my room, in the shed, that is out the back but they aren't allowed in the main house. Also, I know my brother will let Laila outside by herself, he wont let Jay outside by himself though. Thats why I want her put away properly when I'm not home.

    Also, Sunny is a tad toy possessive. He is alright with sharing toys with Serenity, there are teeth shown at times but they mesh so well and they always work it out nicely and continue playing. I'm not risking this with a SBT. I love the breed but they are strong, I've owned one before and they fought bad over toys. How can I teach Sunny to share his toy with Leo? Sunny doesn't go and attack, he does a lot of growling. It doesn't happen all the time, just at times. I don't want to risk him and the SBT can't work it out nicely. I'll admit, I'm on my toes a bit more because I remember owning Sunny and my old SBT. Love the breed but they fought a lot so I am hoping to build a better relationship between Sunny and Leo. Guage was a grumpy, hardcore dog though. I have the chance to mold Leo a bit.

    I'll reply after work. Can't use this forum on my phone.
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    See if you can organise a few play dates on neutral ground for the dogs. So they are familiar with each other before they have to share a home.

    Any unacceptable behaviour like being hyped up around the children - just step in and stop it. Ideally just before the dog thinks of acting like a high powered looney.

    And you might want to think about getting a behavourist in so you can learn how to best manage your combination of dogs and kids.

    The main thing is to be able secure the dogs separately and away from the children so none of them can harm each other when you're not available to supervise.

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    Tricky situation.

    One thing I can think of to make them look more favourably on the kids is to get the kids to just randomly drop treats as they walk about.

    You might be able to do something similar with the dogs and the toys, though I cannot say I have ever heard that technique described anywhere, so not sure if it would make a difference. Make one dog offer up the toy for a treat and hand it to the other dog. Then give the other dog a treat and hand the toy back to the first one and so on. As I say, I'm just making this up, but it is something that I'd find worth trying out.

    Also rewarding dogs for backing off if the other is letting them know they are not welcome near their toy. Rewarding them for sharing. Etc.

    So lots of rewards for doing stuff like that together.

    Good luck with it! It sounds tiring.

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