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Thread: Thinking of buying a Bl ue Am staff from Ant do nas Kennels, help me out ?

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    let me just remind you that without pedigree papers an american staffordshire terrier can be called a pit bull and restricted if your council has a bee in their bonnet. No papers, no sale.

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    OP -

    Only thing I can say about Andonas - they are chunky bunch of Amstaff - more like an American Bully type (IMHO)
    If you are looking for a an excellent AMSTAFF which fits and meets CLUB Standards I suggest to shop around.

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    Hi Big Micky

    That kennel is listed with DogsSA - but I've not heard many good things. So they can give you an ANKC registered puppy but would you go over there and meet the parent dogs, and if they have squillions of dogs and puppies - how could you be sure you're getting what you paid for.

    And BTW - blue is not rare - it's just prone to major skin problems - rashes and mange. And you should not have to pay more than about $1500 for an ANKC registered Amstaff - and if you live in Victoria - you will need the proof. Much better to buy local, meet the parent dogs, and the breeders and see what they're doing and how they're doing it ie do the puppies get enough people time?

    Also the puppy breeding laws in SA are very slack. They don't have to microchip or anything really - there's no law requiring it - only the ANKC code of ethics - and that's not enforced much.

    If you buy in Victoria - the puppy must be microchipped, vaccinated and wormed and at least 8 weeks old before you take it home. In some council areas of Victoria - they also require the dog to be desexed unless you buy a breeder permit. Not sure what age this is.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    Also if you get a dog with white around the nose (most amstaff?) you need to be careful about sunburn, ie use sunscreen and make sure the dog spends the middle of the day in summer - in the shade.

    So if I wanted an Amstaff in Victoria - I'd be so very careful that I got one as close to show standard as possible from a responsible breeder - with ANKC papers. And I'd put my requirements in writing - and pay with credit credit card so I could get my money back if it all went to hell. Tho not many breeders take credit card.

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    Aah yes you have to watch their nose and ears if they are white, and their tummies too because they love to sunbake

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Just wanted to add to the "not good/is good for a first time owner" discussion.

    They are lovely dogs, but they do take a lot of work. If you are dedicated to proper socialisation and training you should be ok. But I think it is also important for you to be going into it with the complete dedication to keep this dog no matter WHAT (barring very serious human aggression which shouldn't happen in a well bred, socialised Amstaff). The thing that annoys me the most is people who purchase these breeds, don't spend the right amount of time socialising and training it and then dump it when it gets behavioural issues (that are the human's fault), then they go buy another one and make the same mistakes over again rinse and repeat over and over again.

    They are beautiful dogs, with the most lovely personalities and they deserve loving, dedicated owners.

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    Just adding the bit I always do..... and sometimes,no matter how well socialised your Bully, he/she will be prone to dog aggression.
    It can be managed,in alot of cases with little drama. But is the one thing I would point out strongly to first time owners. But then I feel this falls under common sense as well.
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    As far as I know blue in Amstaff is not subject to the same extent of health problems as blue in SBT.

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