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Thread: Pup was attacked at off leash park... Need Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynkle View Post
    How would I keep another pup away from this circle.?
    Hi Wynkle,

    You'd use the same words and body language you would use to keep another human away. Shield the puppy with your palms out flat and use your body to block the other dog, while saying "go away" politely and firmly. Don't raise your voice or make sudden movements, just calmly protect your puppy. Most dogs will pay attention and back off, as you're being defensive not aggressive. Don't worry about anything else except focusing all your body language on maintaining your bubble which only you and your two dogs are allowed into. Do not touch or talk to the puppy except to give him a command or shield him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wynkle View Post
    But he was still at my feet most the time. I don't mean to sound like he is broken but I guess we will see.
    He is not broken. Dogs in the wild have to put up with far worse, he will bounce back easily and be stronger for the experience. He might look cute and fluffy but he is still canis lupus familiaris and is the same species as a rottweiler or wolfhound.

    Allow him to stick close by your side yet encourage him to be friendly with the dogs around him. He has learned that the world is fun, but not without its dangers and to stay safe he has to be where you can get to him.

    Do not allow him to bare his teeth, bark, or treat an approaching dog in a hostile manner - it is not his job to decide who's a threat and who isn't. Reward brave behaviour by saying "good dog". If you reenforce polite friendly behaviour, he'll grow into a very social dog.

    Good luck at the park
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    as other people alraedy mentioned - this like this will keep happening, not sure how often or rare it will be. Just be more cautious next time, but not be too tight. You have a small dog they react differently and will be more protective.

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