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Thread: Dog cramping in legs??

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    Default Dog cramping in legs??

    Hey Guys,

    My big fella has been cramping the past couple of weeks on one side of his body only. It started 2 weeks ago - we thought he had a tick as he lost control of his back legs on a walk, then when he surged forward (got a fright and tried to run) his front leg cramped up and he couldn't put it on the ground. It was just sticking out stiff to his side

    That night we stressed ourselves out and he went to the vet the next day, but no tick. Since then I am starting to notice a slight increase in these cramps. (he has always had cramping problems, just not as severe as lately) At the park he will be doing his zoomies and then finish on 3 legs and I have to massage it down so he can keep playing - but it's not always during times of exercise? As a younger puppy he was always very stiff to get up off the floor etc and now he cramps only on the right side of his body. Energy levels are slightly decreased, but it is a lot hotter lately and he doesn't do great in the heat.

    We will be taking him back to our vet in 2 weeks (off on our honeymoon on sunday) and he will be with my folks. He is still very happy within himself and eating and being destructor etc nothing has changed except this cramping. I am going to spend the whole holiday stressing about him!

    Has anyone ever heard of this before? He eats a premium diet, no cheap nasty foods and drinks plenty of water and the cramps aren't isolated to heavy exercise. Cramps are on the right side of the body, we have had problems with him as a younger puppy with his right shoulder always being sore but the vet said he had pulled it etc at the time

    He is a german shephard x bull arab 18months old. Just interested if anyone has heard of this or experienced it? He is a pound puppy, got him at 4 months old - so no idea on parental history etc

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    Try researching magnesium rich foods for dogs, or maybe even try supplimenting him with magnesium tablets (check this is safe first- I have no idea). Magnesium is great to help with muscle cramping. I tend to get these awful craps in my calves while I'm sleeping, I wake up in horrible, stabbing pain which puts tears in my eyes. If I take magnesium tablets, the problem goes away

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    Magnesium to 'manage' the cramping. But vets to establish why? could be kidneys, toxicity, brain, as the symptoms are all over several systems. So vet trip.

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    Ok thanks guys, we were going to take him anyway I was just curious if anyone else had experienced it Lucky he thinks vet spells PARK hehehe

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    Do you have access to a chiro that could check him?

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    One of my young Border collies had some cramping in his hind legs and the regular vet told me he had just pulled something being a young dog. I wasnt satisfied with this so I took him to a specialist vet and he was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. I would ask for a referral to a specialist vet if things dont resolve satisfactorily. Puppy stiffness is not really normal and any times over the years any of my pups have shown stiffness on rising there was always a structural problem diagnosed. A sore right shoulder could be OCD or any number of problems, maybe even an elbow problem or bicep tendon.

    Shifting lameness or pano (growing pains) is not uncommon in larger breed dogs but usually resolves between 18 months and 2yo.

    I have an older dog that occassionally gets cramps in her hind legs and massage always resolves it, but she has had bilateral cruciate surgery.

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    Thanks Kalacreek, we just got home from our honeymoon and get to pick him up this arvo. We will take him back to the vet again and get a refferal

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