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Thread: It Pays to Shop Around when it comes to Vets

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    I'd like to see that let develop on this community.

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    You might not be able to post the names of the bad ones but if someone sees that someone is thinking of going there you can pm cant you??? its not for the world to see. I have this sort of thing with my axolotl(mexican walking fish) group.....not all vets know about axololts and it does make life easier

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    I think maybe people could pm to request the info, but it shouldn't be volunteered. So I guess we want the thread - do we want a separate one for each state or would one be ok. And we should put it in the Health and Nutrition bit. I should check with Morgan first tho - might take a couple of days to get back. Other simiarl threads have been ok in other forums. As long as it's kept positive. It might back fire tho - if our fave vets don't have time to see us when we want.

    And there's one silly practice that has hired a philippines spammer to advertise their business and that gets removed as fast as it appears.

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    Personally i think it would be a great idea to have a thread recommending vets. I could of done with something like that when i left Queensland and a brilliant vet and moved here to Tassie.
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