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Thread: Another cat story - teeny tiny baby

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    Default Another cat story - teeny tiny baby

    I picked up a tiny kitten for a friend yesterday because otherwise she would've had to wait till Monday and might have missed out. Pretty immoral affair and the kitten was too young to leave his mother, but they were going to be given away one way or another, so one ended up with my friend. A mere 6 week old fluff ball.

    My original idea was that I'd keep the kitten in the bedroom and lock my pets out until he was gone. But my friend took longer than expected, so I thought I'd see how it went if I let them mingle.

    I knew Banjo is good with baby animals already and she was very cautious indeed. And backed off immediately when the teeny tiny kitten hissed at her: very cute! And the kitten would go straight back to playing with its tail, so was clearly not too stressed by it. Banjo got a bit frustrated occasionally because she couldn't give him a proper sniff (he actually spat at her a few times) but otherwise she was happy to just watch him from a distance.

    Until my friend came to pick him up and Banjo went berserk. Her whole body language seemed to say: "Look, it's a KITTEN! A KITTEN! And it is MY kitten. And it is the most awesomest kitten in the whole world and he is going to be my BESTEST friend. Once he stops being mean at me..."

    So yeah, she was a tad disappointed when he left.

    The kitten on the other hand would've forgotten about us before he left the driveway. I swear he had forgotten he ever had a mother an hour after leaving her.

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    Great story Beloz! I could just see it!
    What a great dog Banjo is - most dogs would look at the kitten and start salivating

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    I have had rescue two kittens 30 years apart, both of which had their eye barely open. Both bonded very firmly to me and were very well adjusted cats albeit not very cat like cats they didn't seem to know they were cats at some level,they thought they were sort of four legged humans I think. They seem to be different to puppies in that they don't seem as traumatised by early rehoming. Of the cats I have had in my life they were the two I had the strongest bond with.
    Having said that I would prefer never to have one until they were at least 8 weeks old. I had a lot of trouble teaching one to lap and eat ( 10 weeks old and still wanted the bottle!) and ended up getting another kitten the same age who had been well brought up by its mother. Within a day she taught my orphan how to do things and was then his life companion.. It was a real problem as they develop a gag reflex its seems if they feed too long on the bottle.

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