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Thread: Treibball training partners wanted for fun!

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    Well, i tried to train, go around with a chair yesterday. Two very confused dogs indeed.
    I had moved to another room, as i was unsure, and if i was doing it wrong, i wanted the original room/training/success, so we could go back to it if need be.
    We did need to.
    After failing to train, go around. I returned to the original room, and revised up to where we were before i cocked it up.
    so, im sticking to same room, same ball, and training go around the ball. Im going to lure the behaviour today to start with. See how that goes.
    I have managed to shape up bernie's pushes to be more forceful this way. Pohm is still just' whispering' her touch on the ball.

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    luring and rewarding in position are very similar - it's just a matter of timing...

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