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Thread: Beagle Breeders in Perth WA

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    Default Beagle Breeders in Perth WA

    Hi there, I'm new in here
    Just wondering if anybody could tell me where I can find the names of Beagle Breeders in Perth WA?
    Looking to buy from a breeder to get a family dog.
    I've seen a couple through google search but wasn't sure if there was a more up to date source avaliable?
    Thank you

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    Usually the best place to start is the ANKC dog org in your state aka Dogs West.
    DogsWest - Home

    Ring them up or send an email and ask if there is a beagle club in WA.
    West Australian Beagle Club

    That was a bit easy.

    There's three beagle breeders listed with them. For your best choice, see if you can get along to a beagle club social event, meet everybody, find out who is planning a litter and stick with them.

    You may need to be patient to get a great dog.

    If you're impatient, you can go to the always breeding puppy farms and get a dog of unknown history and temperment that hasn't had enough people or dog to dog time so can be a bit socially twisted and sometimes have health problems too.

    When assessing a breeder - consider these.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    If you're feeling ok about chancing your luck and you want a beagle right now and the club has none available (sometimes they know about rescues or breeders are looking to place older dogs), maybe try rescue.

    Dee - Medium Male Mix in WA - PetRescue

    Bee - Medium Female Mix in WA - PetRescue

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    Hi, welcome - another West Aussie

    I don't know of any breeders but there's a beagle called Basil at K9 Dog Rescue down Mandurah way (there's no address on the web-site):
    Opening hours 10am - 3pm weekdays, 1pm - 5 pm weekends. Telephone: 9581 9005

    Here's their Facebook link to some photos of Basil and some blurb from their web-site under ...

    BASIL – Male – Beagle – Medium -Brown/White
    DOB September 2010

    Basil is a typical, curious, nose-into-everything Beagle.
    Basil has recently been returned to K9. If left for long periods of time to his own devices, Basil will find ways to entertain himself that can involve some destructive behaviour in the backyard; your plants may suffer to his boredom! Beagles like Basil need a lot of stimulation and exercise, and preferably sometime who has more time to offer than a fulltime worker. Basil has proven he gets along well in a home with another dog, be mindful that if you have another dog that they’re just as playful and bouncy as Basil or he’ll run circles around them! Basil is friendly and social, he would suit a home where he would be allowed outside for rough and tumble and inside for love and cuddles. Have you the time and lifestyle for this handsome young man?
    If so please call K9 Rescue!
    Date in kennels 30th October 2012

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