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    Yesterday we were walking home and decided to take a shortcut through the tiny cul de sac near our house. Banjo was off lead - and in hindsight I am glad she was.

    Halfway down, there's a cat on a driveway. Beautiful fluffy grey thing. Dog and cat are doing the usual stand-off thing. The dog's in a 'pointing position' staring at the cat to see if he will run, the cat freezes, returning the stare. Then the cat takes one tiny step forward, and Banjo takes one step back. So the cat takes 2 steps forward and Banjo takes two steps back. The cat's body doesn't change but you could pretty much pinpoint the moment when his little brain thought "I have the power here". So he walks towards the dog faster and faster, deliberately, defiantly, never breaking his gaze. And the dog starts getting panicky, trying to create some distance between her and the cat without breaking eye contact.

    I tried to get in between them to protect the dog, I did. But the cat didn't even notice me. Never stopped, never broke that stare and just went round me. And he ended up charging at the dog twice. No contact was made - no physical damage. But he got right in her face and spat at her.

    I really tried to stop him and regret I didn't protect the dog. But what an awesome sight this cat was! Such power, such grace, such determination.

    I probably love dogs more than cats. But dogs drool, cats rule.

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    Haha the cat would have been thinking "yes, one step closer to total world domination, run scared little dog... run"

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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