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Thread: Is it just me?

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    I don't get it much, although I can understand why it would be annoying. I do get excited if someone knows what mine are, instead of telling their friends confidently "Look at that, must be some sort of Lassie Greyhound. Or Staghound." Or "Those are Afghans you know." Insert eye rolling here.

    Same as the "You could put a saddle on it!" sort of comments. Oh yes, hilarious. I've never heard that one before...

    I do much prefer when people are just curious and ask, instead of making the dorky jokes, or trying to sound all authoritative.

    My mum used to have a blue and white working bred Kelpie - he did have a little Border collie way back so was "Irish Marked" but built kelpie style. No one believed he was mostly kelpie, and blue was pretty unknown in BC circles at that time as well! At least I suppose he got extra attention!!

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    My dog is a mutt but most people try to call her a purebred...

    Dunno why. I usually use the word "bitsa" and when she's being really naughty - "extra dalmation" - tho I'm sure that's an insult to dalmations.

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    I do so like how folk can chat about these things on this forum like normal sane people...unlike certain not to be mentioned forums guarded by crazed canine eugenicists.

    I think it's true that some people use "mutt" as a kind of jibing term of endearment. It's easier to not get annoyed if you try to hear the intent behind the words (= usually good) rather than just the words themselves. The fact that people are referring to your dog at all, or interested enough to try to work out its breed even though they are not expert, means they are dog people in some way, which is a good thing
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