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Thread: Do you recognise this toy? What brand is it? (Cute video!)

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    Default Do you recognise this toy? What brand is it? (Cute video!)


    When our dog was a pup she adored a toy that we called 'Quadrapus' - a pink canvas octopus with four legs and squeakers in its feet. When she went through teething she chewed it up, but now that she's older and has learned not to destroy toys I would love to find her another one. Do you recognise this toy?! What brand/seller is it from? You can see it in this video between minutes 1:35 and 2:19. (Cuteness overload warning...)

    How fast do puppies grow? This fast! 7 to 10 weeks old... - YouTube

    Thank you!
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    Sorry 'Finley' - don't recognise the toy - but 'cleanrun' has free shipping at the moment - so you might find something there !

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    Hi Finley, Kyjen do a octupus toy thats very similar to that, as there has been a time lapse between her last one she may never know the difference

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    Good job - I like that you're responding to a request, plugging something in context in a current thread. Happy with that.

    I've got no idea what that kind of toy is. Kong Wubbas have squeakers in their heads and four arms to flap around when the dog shakes, but my dog will still destroy them, though she still gets some joy shaking up the empty wrapper.

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    I would have thought a Kong Whubba, I get mine from Amazone...they seem to last forever
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