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Thread: Shy Whippet

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    Flash is the same. It took us nearly 18 months to bond because he had been used to looking after himself.

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    Some dogs are very sensitive. I know whippets belonging to friends who are timid and very quiet dogs. Yours needs time to adjust and it might take a fair bit of time. Pepsi was a rescue pup and she had been traumatised. I used to find her in a dark cupboard facing the wall!! She still does when she hears thunder! She was fine in the outdoors but once inside the house she just shut down and would only respond to commands. Unfortunately, it took a long time but with patience, lots of love and cuddles she "opened up". Occy and Nattylou have given good advice. Somewhere for your baby to feel safe might be a good idea. A hiding spot where she can run to when she needs.

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